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The Upper Hand

I wanted to share some experiences where businesses have tried to take advantage of me.  It could also happen to each one of you.  When this happens you need to Get The Upper Hand.  Read along to see just one experience.  

My Experience With My Insurance Company

This Can Happen to You

On August 23rd at about 2:30 pm I was driving north on Davie Avenue in Statesville, NC when a driver in a red Nissan drove into the side of my car from a side street to my right.  I pulled over and stopped.  The Nissan driver pulled around to my left, stopped, and began to mouth out in a threatening manner and drove off.  I had to follow him to get his tag number which I relayed to the Statesville Police in my 911 call.  Later that day a policeman verified there was damage to the front of his car and damage to the side of mine.  

The police report shows a hit and run by the Nissan driver.  He admitted to the police he left the scene because he did not know he had been in an accident.  He has now concocted a “cock and bull” story about the details of an accident he didn’t even know he had been in.  How unbelievable.  He is now claiming I hit him.  USAA is refusing to pay for damages to my car caused by their client who has paid them premiums for years.

  1.  If I hit him, why are the damages to the side of my car and to the front of his car?
  2. If I hit him, why did he run off?
  3. If I hit him, why didn’t he ask for my insurance information?
  4. If I hit him, why didn’t he call 911?   (I called 911)
  5. If I hit him, why would I track him down for his tag ID?
  6. If I hit him, why would I file a complaint with the North Carolina Insurance Commission?

I’m happy going to bed tonight and know that USAA is not the insurance company that is protecting me and my family.



2022-09-339.  File#, N.C. Dept. of Insurance
03142566-003  USAA claim #
2022-00033999  Police Report

The Documents

Police Report

Letter From NC Dept. of Insurance

My Letter to The Dept. of Insurance

Letter From NC Dept. of Insurance

A Letter From My Insurance Company


I’m not given up.  Stay Tuned to see how this all goes…………..